Boy loses his dad to cancer, breaks down in tears when he sees the surprise outside his house

14. December 2016 - By Felicia M. Kennedy

Without spoiling anything, the Surprise Squad were able to grant Jett and Jace the surprise of a lifetime as a tribute to their late father. By the end of the video, there’s not a dry eye in sight—even among the anchors.

Stories like this remind us of the power of love, specifically between fathers and sons. Although their dad Boe is gone, this video is proof that his love will never leave them. Through their generosity towards the Kellogg family, all we can say is Fox News Five’s Surprise Squad has struck again. Oh, and don’t mind us—we’ll just be over here, crying into our keyboards.

Catch the video below and be sure to check out Fox Five’s other surprise attacks on their channel!

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