These 20 amazing pictures went viral. But did you know they are fake?

Some of the photos we see on the internet are truly shocking, breathtaking, scary or all of it. But many […]

17. May 2016

You love ‘Grease’? This is what you didn’t know about the musical film

GIF fehlen You might have seen the movie ‘Grease’ a couple of times. You know all of the songs and […]

17. May 2016

He takes an old log and creates a fantastic floating wood lamp

Instructables user bcan loves working with wood. For his latest project he chose a perfectly cylindrical log and managed to […]

17. May 2016
15. May 2016

These Ukrainian athletes stunned the audience with their incredible performance

Gymnasts seem to have everything: flexibility, strength, and coordination. They are able to bend their bodies and do wicked jumps. […]

11. May 2016

This dad wants to use his food stamps in a supermarket when a woman started to humiliate him

Recent statistics show that in 2015 approximately 45.7 million Americans had to use food stamps to be able to provide […]

9. May 2016

When Dad Doesn’t Turn Up for Daughter’s Dance Recital Mom Gets Worried – But She’s In For a BIG surprise!

Quaker Oats ran a campaign to make kids dreams come true. Lauren loves to dance and her dream was to […]

6. May 2016

Paul Simon Loves This Heavy Metal Version of The Sound of Silence

  I heard this on the radio yesterday and instantly loved it. I never thought I’d hear a heavy metal […]

2. May 2016

Awesome Dance Routine… performed by prisoners!

  Watch this video and you might think it’s a troupe of professional dancers. These are no ordinary dancers though. […]

2. May 2016

Is This the Best Britain’s Got Talent Clip Ever? Even the Judges Don’t Expect This!

  When a single pianist takes to the stage, it looks set to be a pretty average performance, but what […]

30. April 2016