When a 94 Year Old Stepped onto the Dance Floor No One Expected This!

This is 94 year old Mathilda Klein. Yes you read that right, she’s 94 years old. I wouldn’t have the […]

30. April 2016

It’s a Great Dance Routine, But Keep Watching – Something Surprising Happens!

If you like dancing you’re going to love this! Gary and Charlotte have won prizes for their dance routines all […]

27. April 2016

The Best Bird Song You’ll Ever Hear – Honestly it’s Amazing!

Now normally I can’t abide this sort of thing. When I see a headline about some sort of ‘talented’ pet […]

26. April 2016

What This Kid Says to his Teacher is So Funny!

Sometimes you have to laugh or you’ll cry and this is one of those moments. Being a kindergarten teacher is […]

26. April 2016

I Could Hardly Watch This Scary Stunt! Can You?

This is Alexandr Magala, he loves a talent show. He got through to the quarter finals in America’s Got Talent, […]

22. April 2016

These Photos from the Past show a Different Perspective

There’s something magical about old photographs. A glimpse into the past. These photos all have that magical quality, and many […]

21. April 2016

The Creepiest Cakes You’ll Ever See!

When you’re planning on ordering a cake for a party, you might consider one in the shape of a love […]

21. April 2016

The Craziest Places to Take a Vacation

Are you bored of the beach? Perhaps you’ve become tired of the city break? If you really want to go […]

21. April 2016

Make Cheesy Bacon Potatoes in the Slow Cooker! Here’s How…

  Get that old forgotten slow cooker out from the back of the cupboard as it’s about to have a […]

20. April 2016

This Wolf Is So Huge. Like Twice The Size Of The Girl Next To Him!

We all know the story, the little red riding hood. The big bad wolf who ate poor grandma. With the […]

15. March 2016