Boy Loses 75% of His Eyesight Because of This Small Object That You Probably Have At Home

The problem is that laser pointers look so harmless, they’re fun to play with. We’d never let our kids play […]

19. November 2016

This School Was SHOCKED By What They Found Hidden Behind Chalkboards… Whoa!

  This is Emerson High School in Oklahoma. When work began on modernizing four of the classrooms. They never thought […]

10. June 2016

Baby Born With Stage 4 Cancer, Thrives 18 Years Later

There is probably no news as heartbreaking as hearing that your 7 week old baby will only live a few […]

7. June 2016

This Young Man’s Bandanna Is Now A Symbol Of Hope After His Courageous Actions On 9/11

Many of us have something of sentimental value that we keep with us, or something we think brings us good […]

6. June 2016

USDA Says: Okay To Ship U.S. Chickens to China for Cheap Processing Then Back Home For You to Eat

It is now legal for chickens raised in the US to be shipped all the way to China for processing […]

6. June 2016

Paralyzed cat drags herself to the spot where she left her Babies

There are some truly terrible people in this world and I’m afraid this is a rather sad story. Dee Walton […]

5. June 2016

Latest News – Harambe The Gorilla Was Holding Hands With Boy

You’ve probably seen the news about Harambe the gorilla. He was shot dead when a small boy fell into his […]

1. June 2016

These Blood Sucking Fish Are Causing Havoc In The UK!

The UK isn’t usually known for dangerous creatures but an official warning has been put out to bathers as there […]

1. June 2016

When Jack Black Meets A Homeless Boy He Is Overcome With Emotion

We all know Jack Black, he’s the funny guy right? But he also has a serious side. He recently visited […]

24. May 2016

Are You Unwittingly Supporting Child Slavery by Buying These Products?

Most people when asked would adamantly say that they don’t support child slavery, but if you eat chocolate, there’s a […]

19. May 2016