2 Cops Eat Lunch At Chili’s, But Then A Teenager Drops A Mysterious Note On Their Table…

Police Officer Rance Quinn of The Kansas Police Department had been in the job for more than 20 years and […]

19. November 2016

After he died alone in a nursing home, a nurse found something that moved her deeply

  Mak Filiser died all alone in a nursing home. After his death one of the nurses collected his personal […]

29. September 2016

One Poor Decision Can Ruin Your Life Forever

Kris Caudilla went to prison at the age of 26. He’s currently serving a 15 year sentence. Is he a cold […]

26. September 2016

29 Things That Are Totally Legit

When you get caught for drink driving, always have a plausible excuse at the ready Like my new shirt? It’s […]

10. June 2016

16 People Doing It So Wrong It Hurts

  I’ve always thought the world is full of idiots and here’s the photographic proof!   Is this a new […]

10. June 2016

They Load 4 Abused Elephants Into Trucks. Where They Drive Them? A Miracle…

Circuses have been very popular for many years as a form of entertainment, but they’re falling into decline due to […]

9. June 2016

Family Finds A Mirror In The Bedroom. What’s Hidden On The Back? They’re SHOCKED.

  When Athena Orchard was twelve years old, she was told she had bone cancer. From then on life got […]

9. June 2016

Tiny Baby Crawls Into The Backseat. Who Opens The Car Door? INCREDIBLE!

Like something straight out of Bambi, this little mite was orphaned when his mother was sadly killed by a car.  […]

9. June 2016

Pastor Brings Home A Stranger’s Baby, Then His Wife Looks Down And Sees The Unthinkable..

Ronnie and Krystal started a church called Refuge in Pasco County, Florida. They knew this area had a problem with homelessness, […]

9. June 2016

This Dad And Son Took The Same Picture For 27 Years. The Last Photo Is Stunning.

When his son was born in 1986, dad took a lovely photo of the pair of them. This was to […]

8. June 2016