Dad Fights Strange Man In His Front Yard After He Catches Him Dragging Daughter Away

14. December 2016 - By Felicia M. Kennedy

Many parents assume that their kids are safe in their own homes, especially when they are around. But moms and dads tend to keep a strict eye on their kids for more than one reason.

Usually, parents are worried about falls and choking hazards, but you never know what can happen when you turn around, as one worried father just learned.

Sidney Echols had to fight off an intruder in his own front yard after the stranger snatched his 1-year-old daughter and dragged her across the yard in an attempt to kidnap her.

The father caught the man just in time, luckily, and managed to save the little girl from a horrible fate.

Echols and his family have decided to relocate for some time. Neighbors and their children are terrified that the man will come for them as well, and some are too afraid to play outside.

Unfortunately, the man got away, but police have released a sketch of what he looks like and are urging people in Newnan, a town in Coweta County, AL, to be on the lookout for the intruder.

They are not sure if he will attempt the same crime again, but they want to warn all parents to keep their eyes peeled for the criminal!