Dad Starts Singing ‘12 Days Of Christmas,’ But His Huge Dog Doesn’t Like His Voice At All

14. December 2016 - By Kim Q. Dawson

Some people love the holidays, while others absolutely hate them. For example, Norman the bullmastiff doesn’t really like Christmas that much, but his owner loves it.

And when Norman’s owner starts singing the holiday classic “The 12 Days of Christmas,” Norman literally can’t stand the man’s voice or the holiday cheer.

He’s also easily embarrassed when his owner starts singing, which is exactly why the man does it in the first place.

As soon as the camera starts rolling and his owner starts singing, Norman is clearly not happy. He immediately puts his face over his owner’s as if to say, “Stop that right now, Dad! You’re killing me!”

But the owner doesn’t stop. Instead, he keeps right on singing the second, third, and fourth verses of the song.

And no amount of noise from Norman will stop him.

Norman is obviously annoyed by now because he whines and barks extremely loudly through the entire second and third verses, and even climbs on top of his owner to muffle his voice.

But even that doesn’t stop him.

His owner patiently finishes the fourth and fifth verses, even as Norman sits on his lap with his head covering him. Then with a final kiss, Norman is finally put out of his misery and the song is over — that is, until the next time his owner feels like spreading Christmas cheer.