Deaf woman adopts a deaf dog who knows sign language – they’re a perfect match!

14. December 2016 - By George T. White

Rosie is deaf, but being unable to hear does not impede her in any way. Before learning to communicate through sign language, Rosie was timid and not as social as dogs usually are. But with the care and guidance of her friend, Tracy Peifley, she has learned to respond to sign language and develop her ability to interact with humans.

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Like most dogs, treats were the way to Rosie’s heart. The treats served as rewards to encourage her to remember and respond to certain commands in sign language. Rosie proved to be a fast and efficient learner and even formed a close friendship with Peifley.

Without a doubt, Rosie is one clever dog. However, she still needed to wait for a family willing to learn her unique system of communication.

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Fortunately, Rosie found the perfect family.

Cindy Cook, who is also deaf, took an immediate liking to sweet Rosie. Cindy and her family all know sign language and were more than excited to take Rosie home and teach her new signs. Peifley stated there was no better family to take Rosie in, and though she was sad to see her leave, she knew Rosie was in excellent hands.

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