Drenched Stray Refuses To Budge From Rainy Parking Lot Until Stranger Throws Blanket On Her

14. December 2016 - By Amanda F. Johnson

Recently, an animal lover named Valinda headed to the convenience store on a rainy Sunday morning. But when she pulled into the parking lot, Valinda noticed a heartbreaking sight.

There on the cold, wet concrete was a dog. The pup was soaking wet, miserable and shivering.

“I’m not sure where she came from, but I hope she never has to go back,” Valinda wrote on Facebook. “She had an obvious eye infection. Her hair was matted. She had an open wound on her leg.”

But if anyone was meant to find this poor unwanted dog, it was Valinda.

Since she was planning to visit the animal shelter to drop off some donated pet supplies, she had blankets in her car. She wrapped the dog up, but it was clear the pup was still too terrified to move in the rain.

Over the course of the next hour, Valinda did something for the poor shaking dog that would change her life forever…

Facebook / Valinda Cortez

Valinda Cortez is a passionate animal advocate. The southern mom volunteers her time and energy in an effort to help save abandoned and homeless dogs.

Recently, Valinda drove to her local convenience store in Canton, North Carolina.

It was early in the morning and raining outside. She was still wearing in her pajamas and flip-flops when she pulled into the parking lot on a rainy Sunday.

But Valinda never made it inside; she spotted a dog sitting in the convenience store parking lot, soaking wet and all alone.

Facebook / Valinda Cortez

Valinda posted the following story on her Facebook page:

“This morning I came across this pitiful, wet, cold, hungry baby. After a while of feeding her beef jerky and dog food, we finally got a leash on her.

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