Terrified Cat Is Trapped At Top Of Power Pole For 8 Days Before Workers Are Able To Rescue Him

14. December 2016 - By Bruce P. Roberts

No one knows how he did it, but Fat Boy, a plush black and white cat, somehow managed to climb 45 feet into the air.

For nine days, the cat was trapped on the tiny surface without food or water until a group of utility workers finally banded together to rescue the terrified fellow.

The family tried desperately to find a way to rescue their beloved pet. They made numerous phone calls to places including animal control, the electric company, and the fire department, pleading with them to help with the rescue. Despite their attempts, no one came to Fat Boy’s aid.

“We called everyone – anyone that could help, but they didn’t come,” the cat’s 14-year-old owner, Andrew Perez, explained in an interview with The Fresno Bee. “He’s a nice cat. He probably went up there because he got scared by a dog. I was scared.”

Finally, a group of utility workers from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. took on the challenge of scaling the pole to retrieve the petrified feline. But, according to PG&E’s spokesperson, Denny Boyles, a rescue isn’t as simple as just climbing the pole.

“It’s not a simple thing to climb a power pole and get a cat down,” he explains. “The first thing we have to do is de-energize the line – it’s a 12,000-volt line. The safety of the two guys who went up on the pole, and the crew member on the ground, has to be our first priority every time.

Once they ensured the wires were safe, one brave member of the crew, equipped with the cat’s carrier, worked his way to the top of the pole. When he reached the top, he lifted Fat Boy by the scruff of his neck and placed him inside the sanctuary of his carrier. They then fastened the carrier to a rope and slowly lowered it to the ground.

Immediately, the cat was given food and water. After the incident, the company lined the poles in the area with animal-deterrent plastic, so it doesn’t look like Fat Boy will be leaving his family’s arms for too long ever again.